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Back when H&M first came out with makeup, I bought a contour powder palette and a BB cream because I wanted to try their makeup. I think I bought a shade that was too dark for the BB cream, but the powder was pretty good. I think it was $14.99 for the contour palette, and about the same for the BB cream. The contour palette had four shades (2 light, 2 dark) and the bb cream had a selection of 2-3 shades. Since then, H&M has come out with a lot more makeup: foundations, eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliners, nail polish, etc.


I bought the shimmery shades of eyeshadow because I have so many browns and taupes already and I wanted to get some more shimmery ones. The shadows are soft and buttery. I got the shades Paradise Lost (rose gold) and Over the Moon (silver). These are kind of glittery, it’s very easy to get it all over your face and might take a few swipes to remove it with your makeup remover. It reminds me of a pressed version of MAC pigments because of how much can fall onto your cheeks. If you use these, I would definitely suggest doing your eyes before foundation because you can wipe it off if it gets on your cheeks. I swatched the matte shades and those were beautiful and velvety too. The best way to apply is with your fingers.

The highlighter powder is a baked highlighter and it’s beautiful, but it is a bit powdery if you swatch with your fingers. Also, the swatch doesn’t look as pigmented as the eyeshadows, but in person, it’s a nice peachy pink highlight. It might seem expensive for a non-designer brand, but it’s huge and since it’s baked, there’s even more than what you’d get in a regular pressed highlighter. Since it is a bit powdery, I think the best way to apply is with a fan brush and lightly swipe your brush, don’t swirl your brush or the product will get all over your desk.


Spotlight Glow Powder Sheer Coverage Radiant Shimmer | Sumptuous Peach | $19.99

Infinite Impact Eye Colour | Paradise Lost | $7.99

Infinite Impact Eye Colour | Over the Moon | $7.99



I think the shimmery eyeshadow shades I bought will be pretty for a party or night out and I would definitely use the highlighter for every day makeup to give a pretty peachy glow.

Have you tried H&M makeup products? What are your faves?


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