Worth It? | Eyeshadow Shields

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This first impressions review is for a no-name brand of eyeshadow shields. I have not tried Shadow Shields or any other favourite eyeshadow shield. I was at Winners a while back and I picked up some eyeshadow shields for $3.99 CAD (pack of 25). I think the brand is La Soie, and the product is Color Guard. It’s such an unknown brand that I couldn’t find them online.

To Apply: Remove only the top corner of paper and apply directly below the lower lash line to catch loose powder. For a stronger hold, remove the entire back strip then apply to skin.

Use as an eyeliner stencil for straight lines or use as a guard to keep lip color within the lines.

Everyone has a different strategy for applying their makeup. Some people do their eyes first, while others do their face first. For me, it depends on what type of eye I’m going for. If I’m doing a smokey eye or sparkly eye, it’s better if I do eyes first. If I’m doing a more natural everyday eye, I do it after my face makeup.

I don’t know if name brand ones are less sticky, but I would definitely not recommend taking off the whole back strip. Even if you just peel off the top strip, it’s incredibly sticky and pulls on your skin. Since there is adhesive on these eyeshadow shields, I wouldn’t put on foundation or concealer until after doing my eyes. But if you’re going to apply your eye makeup first, then I would just use some micellar water or makeup remover to get rid of the fall out from applying eyeshadow instead of using these shields. Just to test it out, I tried using them after applying concealer and it took off my concealer and left a sticky residue. The glue adheres too well and therefore would be bad to use under your eyes where the skin is so delicate.

They claim that it’s good for keeping lip colour in the lines, but I would much rather spend time carefully applying lip liner or lipstick than cutting these to be the perfect shape for my lips.


If you love doing winged liner or a smokey eye, eyeshadow shields might be worth it for you, but make sure to get the name brand ones. I think tape can work just as well and you probably have tape lying around your house somewhere.

These shields did help me get a nice winged liner, but it’s hard to position them perfectly so that your wings are even. I don’t think I would try actual Shadow Shields because they’re a bit pricey and I’d rather use tape instead. I am just a novice at doing winged liner because I prefer using kohl eyeliners and I can also never get the wings to match (one is always higher or longer). I prefer to smoke out a black/brown eyeshadow instead of doing a wing. I’m always practising my wings at home though.

Have you used eyeshadow shields? What are your thoughts on them?


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