DIY Wall Art

Hi Everyone!

Featured Image -- 7985I thought I’d share this super easy wall art design. It cost less than $10 to make and looks super chic. Here’s what you’ll need to make this wall art:

  • Black 20x25cm Ribba frame from Ikea
  • Diamante self-adhesive gems from the craft store (if you want to add some sparkle to your design)
  • Double-sided tape or glue (I prefer the tape so you can easily reposition if it’s crooked)
  • perfume samplers from a department store (I got mine from Hudson’s Bay)
  • card stock paper to tape the perfume samplers

I was at the Bay testing out the perfumes when I saw how pretty the cards they use for perfume samples have gotten. I thought that they’d be really pretty to display. Since they’re for perfume, I thought I would put them in a frame and display it next to my perfumes.

I cut a 20x25cm piece of card stock and started to lay out the different perfume samples I got. The ones I got are a mix of white and pink with silver and gold writing. I tried to find a lay out where the two pink ones were spread out and so that the long and tall ones weren’t all together. To add some sparkle, I added four diamante gems onto the Michael Kors card.

I use my Ribba picture ledges to display my nail polish and perfumes (Tory Burch and Acqua di Gioia). You might remember a previous post where I used both shelves to display my nail polish, but I decided that it looks more organized and minimalist by displaying a select number of my nail polishes. I have more nail polishes in a box in my desk drawer because for some brands, I only have one and it looked messy. The Ribbas are no longer available, but they have the Mosslanda picture ledges which are wider.


Have a great weekend!



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