Dupe It Out | Makeup Remover Cloths

Hi Everyone!

It’s time for another Dupe It Out! Today, I’m comparing The Original MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth by Makeup Eraser and the Erase Your Face Cloth by Danielle Creations. Both cloths remove makeup by just adding water, no makeup remover needed! I put them both to the test and here are my findings. I’ve already written a full review on the Makeup Eraser, so click the link below:

Makeup Eraser

Copy of VERSUS(1).png

The Erase Your Face has a rectangular shape with rounded edges, while the Makeup Eraser is like a elongated oval. The Erase Your Face has a bit more material since it isn’t as rounded. Both cloths have two different sides; one is similar to a plush material, while the other is more like a soft towel where the fibers are shorter. I’ve tried using both sides and the shorter side did a better job at removing my eye makeup. They both took off the face makeup well, but I don’t think either cloth does a good job at removing eye makeup that’s waterproof. You would have to scrub at your eye and that’s not ideal since the skin around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive. I usually use the cloths if I have light eye makeup on, or I use the cloth for my face and then use my regular eye makeup remover. It still saves you some money because you don’t use makeup remover or a cleanser for your face. You could probably find a cheaper microfiber towel that will do the trick of removing your makeup. If I had to choose, I would get the Erase Your Face because you get four of them for $15.



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