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Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, I’ve been painting and reorganizing my room…I will share pics of my beauty corner as soon as I can! I went shopping last week and I went to Rexall and they had a sale for cosmetics, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, but what caught my eye was the Buy 2 Get 1 Free for Milani Cosmetics! I just had to buy some of their products because they are such a good price and they come in beautiful gold packaging. Unfortunately, they didn’t have testers for the items I bought, so I went by swatches online. Here’s what I got:


Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner | $9.49

The shape of this is really interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever used a regular liquid liner pen, I prefer kohl liners (I usually wear eyeliner on my lower waterline or tightline my upper waterline). I’m not very good at doing a winged liner look, but this pen was really good and I got a very sharp wing.


Read my This or That post comparing this eyeliner to Maybelline’s Master Precise Curvy Liquid Liner.


Color Statement Lipstick | 26 Nude Crème | $7.29

This is a beautiful shade that almost matches my lip colour. It’s good for days where I don’t want to just wear lip balm, but want something natural looking. It’s super smooth and smells like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher.


20170905_063113_001Keep It Sweet Sugar Lip Scrub |$12.99

This smells like candy. The directions on the back say “Apply a small amount with finger and gently scrub lips to buff away dry flakes. Tissue off.” Just using a tissue didn’t really work, I still had some sugar granules on my lips, so I just used some luke warm water. My lips feel super smooth and hopefully this will be an awesome product for the winter time…my lips already get a bit chapped now, so I really need to keep a lip balm handy. I’m not sure if I would use it 2-3 times a week as recommended, that seems like it would be bad for your lips, but I will definitely be using it once a week.



Retouch + Erase Light-Lifting Concealer | 02 Light | approx. $10

At first, I thought this was a really small tube for $10 when I could get another concealer by Maybelline or Rimmel, but I compared it with my fave Wake Me Up Concealer by Rimmel and they’re both 7mL. The Milani concealer is a lot thicker than I expected, I wasn’t sure if I would like it because I thought it might cause creasing under my eyes, but I wore it for over 8 hours and it didn’t crease (I set it with The Everything Powder by Cake Beauty).

Tip: it comes with a sponge tip, but those are filled with bacteria if you don’t clean them regularly, so I pulled mine off and I squeeze a dab onto my finger and apply to my under eyes. It’s also better because the warmth of your finger makes the thick concealer blend nicely.



Bronzer XL | 01 Bronze Glow | $11.49

This has a very light fragrance, but I don’t know how to describe it. I love how this is less than $12 and it’s so big! I need to work on my bronzing technique, but I love how smooth this feels!


20170906_103212.jpgBaked Blush | 01 Dolce Pink | approx. $10

I didn’t open this because I’m saving it for a giveaway! Based on swatches I’ve seen, it’s a beautiful shimmery pink.


What are your fave Milani Cosmetics products? Let me know in the comments section below!



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