Using Coconut Oil for Beauty

999999-692752200014.jpgHi Everyone!

While I was on YouTube and Pinterest, I found that a lot of people have been using coconut oil for multiple uses other than for food. So, I thought I would give it a try, it’s natural and could be used for a lot of different things. I got a jar of Nutiva Coconut Oil on Amazon for about $14. Here are some of the ways you can use the oil that I saw on Pinterest:

  • teeth whitening and oil pulling (if you don’t know what this is, I suggest looking it up- other people will be able to explain it better)
  • reduce appearance of stretch marks
  • hair conditioner

As soon as I got the coconut oil in the mail, I opened it to try it on my teeth. Let me just say that the texture is absolutely disgusting when you first put it into your mouth. It slowly melts in your mouth and it’s soft, so if you chew it, it feels weird. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the coconut taste, so it was doubly disgusting for me. Most people say to swish it around your mouth for 15 minutes. I’ve done it a few times and I have noticed that my teeth feel cleaner after, but haven’t noticed my teeth being any whiter. If you’re using it for oil pulling, it’s best to get Virgin Coconut Oil because it is ‘raw’ and hasn’t been refined.

Next, I put it in my hair, working it into the ends and the roots and left it in for about 15 minutes also, I don’t know why, but when it mixed into my hair, it smelled like teriyaki sauce. Maybe I was just hungry, but I swear it smelled the same the second time I used the oil on my hair. My hair was noticeably shinier and smoother after using it. Since your hair is super oily once you put the coconut oil in, I suggest doing the coconut treatment, rinsing out the oil and then wash your hair. Be careful! The oil will cause the bathtub/shower to be slippery, so make sure you clean the tub after too! It’s quite a bit of work, but it does make a difference for your hair.

Ever since I was 12 or 13, I’ve had some stretch marks on my knees, thighs and hips. I put the coconut oil on the stretch marks (rubbing in circular motions for a few minutes). Now, obviously I would have to apply long-term to notice a difference. I’ve only applied it twice so far, so I can’t say much for the claims of coconut oil reducing stretch marks.

When I was younger, I used Bio-Oil (an oil that claims to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone) for a few years. It may have reduced the appearance of my stretch marks, but I can’t say for sure. After a while, I decided to stop buying Bio-Oil because it was quite expensive and I wasn’t 100% sure if it was making a difference. Eventually stretch marks will fade anyway and since I’ve had mine for so long, they aren’t as noticeable as they used to be.

Overall, I’m not sure if I would buy the coconut oil again when this jar is finished. There are tons of other purposes that others claim it can be used for: making soap, salve for heels, nail growth, reduce itchiness of mosquito bites, get rid of cellulite, etc.

How do you use coconut oil?



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