My Makeup Organizers & Setup

Hi Everyone!

I’ve recently been watching a lot of YouTube videos by popular beauty vloggers. Their makeup setups and organization are what I wish my future vanity (in my dream walk-in closet) will look like. To see more of my dream closets and vanities, follow my Closets/Vanities Board on Pinterest. In my recent obsession with buying makeup, I decided I wanted to re-organize/tidy up my makeup corner and buy some makeup organizers. They had a huge selection of organizers for lipsticks, nail polish and makeup. I eventually landed on getting the three items pictured above because they best suited my needs: the three drawer organizer with brush holders on the side, a qtip holder, and a makeup organizer with 12 spaces for lipstick.


Although I bought my organizers at a storage organization store, I found them on Amazon:

Clear Acrylic Makeup Holder

Clear Cosmetic Organizer- 3 Drawers and Caddy

The tray (see below) holding my powder foundations is from a souvenir shop called Johar (4 Rue Yvonne le Tac) in Montmartre (near Sacré-Coeur) that I bought last year on my family trip to Paris and London. They were 3 for €10, so I got 6 (4 to give to my closest friends and one for my sister).


In case you were wondering, the blue thing on the wall is a mini whiteboard with magnets that I got from Walmart and a magnetic mesh pencil/pen holder (the ones you buy for lockers for middle/high school- yay for recycling old things!) The pink and white thing beside my mirror is a Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser (now discontinued) which I don’t really use anymore. The neon pink thing is a brush cleaner I got from Claires (for the buy 3 get 3 free sale- where I also bought the now-melted hair detangler- read about my little accident here: hair detangler brush review).



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