Face Masks and Cleansers

Hi Everyone!

Korean face masks and make up products have become increasingly popular in the past couple years. I haven’t tried a lot of Korean make up products yet, but I absolutely love the charcoal sheet masks which I bought from a kiosk and two cleansers from The Face Shop: Herb Day Cleanser 365 Spearmint Cleanser (for Men) and Phyto Powder Foam Cleanser- Charcoal.



I alternate between the two cleansers everyday with a facial brush and my skin feels refreshed and squeaky clean after. As for the sheet masks, you look like Hannibal Lecter for about 20 minutes, but they are great in bringing out impurities and cleansing pores. They are affordable and good for my skin because I get break outs every now and then. I like to use the charcoal sheet masks every couple weeks. The character (animal) ones from the Face Shop creep me out, I scared myself in the mirror when using the pig one. Even though they creep me out and I got it for free, it did a good job moisturizing my skin.



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